Chapter Titles With Synopses

Detroit Kids Unravel the Past: A Memoir

Part 1: Growing Up in Detroit in the Middle of the Last Century



Chapter 1: Prologue: I explain what led me to write this story and describe the themes and high points.


Chapter 2: The Beginning: Our family’s story begins with Herman and Elizabeth’s marriage in 1928 as they meet and begin their life together in Detroit.


Chapter 3: Polio Strikes:  The story of my ordeal with polio in 1944 with its life-long effects and gifts. Includes details of the treatment invented by Sister Kenny.


Chapter 4: Mama’s Peach Jam: Memories of my mother in which I capture her essence and honor her contributions to our lives.


Chapter 5: Ach du Lieber: Memories of my father: My Father’s life in Germany and America


Chapter 6: Tante Hanny: Memories of my mysterious Jewish aunt who owned a dress shop


Chapter 7: My Big Sister: Memories of Margot and details of her birth story. She became a second mother to me after my mother’s death from breast cancer.


Chapter 8: A Very Married Christmas: Dad enjoys Christmas with my husband’s Croatian family



Part 2: Detroit Kids Unravel Our Jewish Father’s Past



Chapter 9: Swimming through a turbulent sea: The story of what was going on in my life as we began the search for Dad’s relatives in 1995


Chapter 10: First contact with our new extended family in 1996: The story of how we found each other and my first meeting with John and Louise when we fell into each other’s arms at the airport


Chapter 11: First visit to the Netherlands: The Dutch Loewenhardts extend a loving welcome to me and two of my children. We visit the infamous Hidden Village where my cousin’s maternal grandparents met a brutal death.


Chapter 12: Adolf and Julia’s Story: Tracing the lives and brutal deaths of my aunt and uncle in the Holocaust


Chapter 13: Werner and Lilo visit Pauline: A deepening connection with my 70 year old cousin and his wife, Lilo


Chapter 14: Scotland, A Wild and Wonderful Country: John, now a professor at the University of Glasgow writes that Louise and Carel will come for a visit. I decide to join them in 1999 and spend time with John.


Chapter 15: Louise and Carel Come to the U.S: A joyful reunion in 2000


Chapter 16: My Second Visit to The Netherlands: 2003: I return to my Dutch family and we visit Camp Westerbork, the main transport camp during the Nazi occupation.


Chapter 17: A Wedding in the Netherlands: Rombout, the oldest son of Louise and Carel marries his long time sweetheart, Angela in 2004 and I experience a Dutch wedding and get to know my cousin, Anita


Chapter 18: Visit to the Netherlands on the occasion of my cousin John’s 60th Birthday: A party and a trip to Paris in 2007


Chapter 19: Louise, Carel and their daughter Wendela come to Michigan in 2009: We visit Detroit landmarks and my childhood homes


Chapter 20: Family Reunion: In 2011 I meet the Israeli descendants of survivors when they come to the Netherlands and I travel to Dortmund, Germany to visit my Grandmother Pauline’s grave


Chapter 21: From the Israeli descendants I learn about the lives of my cousin, Klara, her husband, Ludwig and their son, Kurt and other family members who died in Auschwitz.


Chapter 22: My Aunt Julie’s story, as much as we know


Chapter 23: My Aunt Clara: She fled to Uruguay


Chapter 24: Epilogue: I revisit Detroit landmarks and my childhood homes


Appendix: Stolerpersteine (Stumbling Stones)

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