A New Adventure:

Designing an author website and blog is a brand-new adventure for me. My talented and patient assistant in this process has been Ryan Klobucar, my 13 year old grandson. He is far more advanced than I in all aspects of technology and has been extremely helpful as we take on this new venture. On the website, I want to tell about my memoir-in-progress. I am close to completing a first draft of the book and am now looking for an agent or publisher. I have worked intensely on this labor of love for over a decade. It actually began more than ten years ago when I wrote an essay about my family of origin as a gift for my new relatives in the Netherlands. Since then, the story has expanded and is now close to 75,000 words. In addition to the summary of the memoir, I will include on the website, books, essays and articles that I have published, as well as music from one of the CDs that my chorus has been involved with, and family photos.

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